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The practice is growing, which is gratifying.

  • Since November 2017, I have been supported by Ms. med.pract. Anne Oberle, who has been a specialist in gastroenterology since March 2019.
  • The experienced radiologist Dr Beat Rehmann joined the team in September 2019. Thanks to him, we can offer faster appointments for abdominal sonography and expand the spectrum of sonographic diagnostics to include thyroid, vessels, hernias and soft tissues.
  • Since January 2020, the gastroenterologist Dr Susanne Flückiger has complemented our team with her extensive knowledge in the clarification of motility disorders, pH-metry and coeliac disease.
  • Since March 2022, the experienced gastroenterologist Dr. Irene Guldenschuh has completed our practice.

Are you interested in working in the practice? Flexible part-time positions are possible. Gastroenterology or other disciplines that suit our patients and staff: please contact me!



  • Helicobacter rapid test
  • Bougienage/ balloon dilatation
  • Variceal ligation
  • Foreign body and PEG removal
  • Mucosectomy
  • Argon plasma coagulation
  • Buttonhole biopsies

Colonoscopy, enteroscopy, sigmoidoscopy

  • Polypectomy / mucosectomy
  • Balloon dilatation
  • Chromo-endoscopy
  • Inking marking of findings before surgery
  • Argon plasma coagulation
  • Stool transplantation (FMT) for C. difficile infection


  • Abdominal sonography
  • Supplementary: Vessels, soft tissues, thyroid gland, endosonography rectum
  • Intestinal sonography
  • Residual urine measurement
  • Ascites puncture, ascites drainage


  • Procto/rectoscopy
  • Therapy of haemorrhoids, marisci, thrombosis, fissures, proctitis
  • Botox injection for the therapy of chronic fissures and hyperhidrosis
  • Endosonography rectum/anal canal
  • Anal manometry


  • H2 breath test for lactose and fructose intolerance
  • H2 breath test for bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine (SIBO)
  • Helicobacter breath test
  • Microscopic fungal direct diagnosis in smears
  • Direct detection of bacterial colonisation of the small intestine
  • Oesophageal pH-metry and -manometry
  • Capsule endoscopy

Our consultation hours

  • Chronic inflammatory bowel disease
  • Celiac disease
  • Food intolerances, flatulence
  • Functional abdominal complaints
  • Obstipation, diarrhoea, flatulence
  • Hepatology
  • Second opinion
  • Hernia sonography


  • Liver biopsy
  • Treatment of hepatitis B and C
  • Ascites puncture
  • HCC screening


  • We are happy to give lectures or training on interesting areas of gastroenterology for your practice team, quality circle or patients

Referrals are accepted by e-mail, letter or telephone.
You can find the interactive referral form here and the contact details in the title of the website.
The HIN-secured e-mail address for doctors is

Image documentation and reporting are digitised. The reports are usually produced without picture inserts, pictures can be sent electronically on request. Please do not hesitate to let me know your wishes regarding the dispatch or scope of the reports.

After Dr van den Brandt‘s retirement in summer 2018, the patient files will be available in electronic form in my practice until the 20-year retention period expires. I kindly ask you to request older endoscopy reports by mail. Lab results, histology results and KG notes are not available. Histology results can be requested from the Institute for Histological and Cytological Diagnostics AG Aarau.

As an independent, free practice, we maintain a good relationship with surgical and gastroenterological colleagues at all hospitals in the extended region, so that the best treatment option can be found for each patient without bias. The family doctor is involved in the decision-making process.

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